Elixir Orchidea Recharge Night Cream

Elixir Orchidea Recharge Night Cream

Elixir Orchidea Recharge Night Cream

Fighting aging in sleep deprived skin!

Fresh Line launches the new premium Elixir Orchidea Recharge Night Cream for face & neck.

Velvety intensely moisturizing treatment, enriched with 10 clinically proven active ingredients, that optimizes skin recovery during the night.

  • The multi-targeted treatment features innovative swiss glacier microextract that energizes sleep deprived skin by significantly reducing wrinkle depth and increasing radiance in just 14 days.
  • Powerful vegan retinol encourages skin cell turnover for clinically proven anti-aging effects, while reducing hyperpigmentation and wrinkles.
  • 3D hyaluronic acid infuses skin with moisture plumping and smoothing fine lines.
  • New well-aging active derived from monk fruit balances the epigenetics of mature skin, densifies the skin and promotes a firming & filling effect.
  • 93,1% ingredients of natural origin