Fresh Line Hotel Amenities!

Fresh Line Hotel Amenities!

The collection includes a selection of best selling products, enriched with natural ingredients for a unique experience of freshness and rejuvenation for your visitors!

Specifically, it includes shower gel & body lotion with the favorite scent of Aegean Sea Breeze, Cotton & White Tea shampoo & conditioner for the hair and a handmade soap for a soft and wonderfully scented skin.

In addition, the company covers the provision of 5lt bottles, in shower gel, body lotion, hand soap & antiseptic, of your choice, from the company's available scents.

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  • Sunrise Dream Collection

    Sunrise Dream Collection

    Fresh Line launces new fragrant body care collection, with a summery, feminine & floral fruity scent!

  • Pink Jungle

    Pink Jungle

    Captivating the flavours and colours of the tropics, the exotic & fruity Pink Jungle fragrance transports you to a sun-drenched paradise!