Dry Body Oils!

Dry Body Oils!

Spray & Sparkle!

New dry body oils that offer rich hydration and silky skin touch in 3 summery scents: Apple Blossom & Freesia: Floral – fruity scent with notes of juicy apple and white flowers, Passion Fruit: Unique smell of Passion Fruit for beautifully scented and rejuvenated skin, Caribbean Coconut: The ultimate summery Coconut fragrance!

Enriched with organic macadamia oil, known for its strong moisturizing and antioxidant action. Easily spread & absorbed, while skin is wonderfully perfumed!

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  • Sunrise Dream Collection

    Sunrise Dream Collection

    Fresh Line launces new fragrant body care collection, with a summery, feminine & floral fruity scent!

  • Pink Jungle

    Pink Jungle

    Captivating the flavours and colours of the tropics, the exotic & fruity Pink Jungle fragrance transports you to a sun-drenched paradise!