Colored hair

The new, complete Hair Care line PORPHYRA is specifically designed for the specialized needs of colored hair that suffer from frequent dyes, heat and the use of blow dryers, irons etc. The Porphyra collection contains a total of 12 clinically-proven active ingredients that protect and hydrate hair, reduce frizz and help maintain a bright, vibrant and healthy hair color! The range includes a shampoo, conditioner, treatment mask and a multifunctional dry oil.

The recipe of Porphyra collection: Porphyra Seaweed Extract, Abyssinian Oil, Roucou Oil, Prickly Pear Oil, Quinoa, Complex of Pea Protein & Rose of Jericho

The Color Protection Hair Wash is enriched with clinically-proven Quinoa that helps maintain color & improves its absorption capacity. It helps pigments to lock into the hair shaft for a more intense and vivid color.

The Conditioner is rich in antioxidant Prickly Pear Oil that deeply hydrates and protects against UV rays. The innovative complex of Pea protein & Rose of Jericho offers long-lasting protection against aggressive hair dyes, bleaching and free radicals while shielding the hair.

The Hair Mask is enriched with Abyssinian oil that nourishes, smoothes and strengthens hair. The formula is optimized with Vegan micro-proteins that offer double action: rebuild hair internally while protecting externally from UV damages. 

The Leave-in Dry Oil for brightness & heat protection is enriched with Camellia Oil. It instantly revitalizes dry, frizzy hair while maintaining a shiny color. It provides protection from heat and prevents damages from the use of hair dryers, irons etc. With multiple use:
o For heat protection: Before blow drying, the use of hair irons or sun exposure 
o For hydration: Before brushing for easy detangling or after shampooing with a few drops in wet or dry hair. 
o Anti-frizz: To discipline hair-ends or for a final finish.