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Limited Edition Candle by SoPeny

enriched with essential oils of vanilla, honey & geranium

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€ 19.99
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  • FREE SHIPPING on orders over 30 euro within Greece
Limited Edition Candle by SoPeny
€ 19.99

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    Cozy up to this delicious candle! Enjoy your own special moments at home, in the calmful & relaxing atmosphere that this beautiful, sweet-warm fragrance will make!

    • A candle will set the atmosphere of the room quickly and fill it with aroma in just a few minutes. Thanks to their composition SoPeny candles, continue to emit their fragrance even after they are extinguished.
    • 100% soy wax with cotton wick and vegan oils that are environmentally friendly, without losing their durability.
    • Beautiful, sweet-warm fragrance that combines the soft balsamic tone of honey with the warm earthy notes of sandalwood & patchouli in the heart, and the bottom woody notes! 
    • The vanilla scent has a positive effect on those who suffer from anxiety, nervousness, tension & stress because it releases serotonin, the hormone of joy!
  • USE
    The best way to extinguish the flame of the candle without any smoke is to simply close its cap and not to blow it. You can also use a snuffer, a little bell-shaped thing on a little stick, to snuff out the flame. Also, you can cut the burnt end of the wick before each use.

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