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Fresh Scents of Wonder

Vetiver & Basil

4 pcs
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€ 22.90
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  • FREE SHIPPING on orders over 30€ within Greece
Vetiver & Basil
€ 22.90


    Green, Fresh & Spicy! Aromatic & refreshing scent with woody notes.

    The fresh scent of bergamot with its delicate fruity sweet notes, is smoothly combined with lemon and spicy touches of vetiver and basil.

    Basil essential oil stimulates micro-circulation, improves concentration, and stimulates the nervous system, while lemon essential oil is antiseptic and refreshing!

    The set contains:

    • Shower Gel 200ml
    •  Βody Milk 200ml
    • Body Water 150ml
    •  Handmade Soap ~120gr

    *Promo sets cannot be returned