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Hair Lotion 100ml & GIFT Hair Wash 200ml

For dry & flake scalp
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€ 17.90
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  • FREE SHIPPING on orders over 30€ within Greece


Hair Lotion 100ml & GIFT Hair Wash 200ml
€ 17.90


    Mild & Soothing Hair Lotion, 100ml

    • Enriched with scalp-soothing chamomile water, provides lightweight hydration to the scalp.
    • The innovative active from passion fruit reduces dandruff intensity on average by 54% in just 28 days, reduces scalp itching & irritation, reinforces scalp natural defense.
    • Lipoaminoacids, restore skin's "acid layer“, relieve the scalp from itching and flakes.
    • With a nurturing blend of anti-irritant willowherb extract, immune boosting echinacea and tea tree oil with anti-septic and healing properties.
    • It restores your scalp’s microflora balance helping prevent relapses.

    Mild & Soothing Hair Wash, 200ml

    • Clinically proven passion fruit extract boosted with antioxidants delivers triple action: soothes the scalp, reduces dandruff intensity after 14 days and fortifies the scalp barrier.
    • Lipoaminoacids purify and promote a healthy scalp.
    • Soothing botanical extracts heal the irritated scalp while therapeutic tea tree and neem oil provide antifungal and anti-inflammatory action.
    • Salicylic acid removes dead skin cells to support a clean balanced scalp.