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Antiseptic Hand Gel 1lt

75% vol. Ethyl Alcohol
Code 912905


Initial price € 14.00
1lt € 8.40
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Antiseptic Hand Gel 1lt
€ 8.40 Initial price € 14.00

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    Hand Hygiene & Protection!

    •  Antiseptic hand gel for immediate cleaning & protection without the use of soap and water, available in 3 different sizes!It is an effective biocide for daily hand protection as it contains 75% vol. Ethyl Alcohol.
    • Kills 99,9% of bacteria.
    • Glycerin offers hydration to the skin as it "seals" the water on the skin, keeping it smooth and soft.
    • It dries quickly and does not stick, while it has a pleasant green fresh aroma.

    Approved by the National Organization for Medicines: 15953


  • USE
    No rinse.