The protection of the personal information and data of the visitors of our website is a priority for us so that you can enjoy all our services with maximum security possible. 
In this section we will explain to you the way we collect and process personal data as well as your rights in this procedure. If you wish to continue using our services, you should agree with our privacy policy and give us your consent in order to collect and process personal data. 
The personal data is any information that refers to you, when you visit this website, that can help identify you. Such information is your name, address phone number e.t.c. The process of the personal data is any action or series of actions that are performed by automatized or not technics on personal data or groups of personal data such as the collection, registration, organization, articulation, storage, adaptation, change, retrieval, search of information, the use, the spread or any other form of sharing information, the association, combination limitation, erasure, or destruction (ar. N 4 p. 1 &2 of the GDPR).
The personal data that are collected by us do not relate in any case to the special categories of data as those categories are stated under the European and Greek laws and more specifically any data that refer to a person’ s racial, or national origin, political, religious or philosophical beliefs, a person’s participation in a labour union as well as the genetic and biometrical data or the data that relate to health issues, sexual behavior, or sexual orientation. The personal data that is collected by us do not refer to any criminal convictions, or offenses or other penal security measures. 
When you visit our e- shop we have to collect, process and use some of your personal data for the purpose of providing our services within the terms of our contractual agreement and only with your consent. We state to you explicitly that we comply with the articles of the European and Greek laws regarding the protection of your personal data and we guarantee that we handle them with the most secure and reliable way in order to minimize any danger of data leakage or elimination.
Responsible for your Personal Data which are collected and processed in the context of this website and e-shop is the societe anonyme under the name FRESH FORMULA S.A., located in Koropi, Attiki, 1st km of Lavriou Avenue, Koropi - Markopoulo.
 For any questions or further information, you can contact us by phone at 2106022242 or by fax at 2106022343 or by e-mail at [email protected]

The use of personal data
At Fresh Line we acknowledge the importance of your Personal Data protection (such as name, address, phone number, date of birth, email address, credit card number, gender, language, and your preferences to our products).
We collect, process and use your personal data, especially when you use our site during your registration  for the first time, and every time you log in or use the shopping cart service, or order products. We use your personal data, always in compliance with the European and National laws and this privacy policy. This process of your personal data is performed only for the purpose to provide you our services and only after you have given us your explicit consent once you first register in this website. We guarantee that we process your personal data with the maximum security in order to minimize the danger of leakage. 

Visit to the site

During your visit to our site, the following data, ordinarily, will be stored in our log files for technical reasons
The IP address (internet protocol address) of the access computer 
The website through which you visit us (reference) 
Our websites that you visit
The date and the duration of the visit 
The type of the browser and its adjustments
Functional system
The data will be stored as a technical precaution to protect the data protection systems against unauthorized access.
We collect and process the Personal Data exclusively for the following Purposes:
• To complete transactions and execute sales as well as manage your subscription to the customer loyalty program,
• to promote our products,
• to understand and analyze the sales as well as your needs and preferences,
• to develop, improve, promote and deliver products and services compatible with your needs,
• to give you the ability to participate in promotions and competitions,
• for product returns,
• to improve our stores and
• to deal with requests or complaints.
We may maintain or transmit your Personal Data safely anywhere in the world for as long as it is necessary and exclusively in order to achieve the above Purposes.


At Fresh Formula S.A. we acknowledge that the privacy of your Personal Information is considered as of major importance for the development and maintenance of the healthy relationship between us, built on trust. In this Privacy Policy the first person ("we", "us", "ours") refers to the beneficiary of FRESH FORMULA in Greece FRESH FORMULA S.A., registered in Koropi, Attica, 1st km of Lavrio, Koropi - Markopoulos Avenue, which is responsible for the Personal Data collection and processing and is bound by this Privacy Policy. The second person ("you", "you", "yours") refers to you, as a Web Site user or to any other person who provide Personal Data or other information relevant to this Privacy Policy.
These terms describe our obligations and your rights for your Personal Data processing, in accordance with the applicable law.
We are responsible for the Personal Data which are hold in our database, including the personal information that we transmit to the data processors. For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, as "Processor" means any individual or legal person (except for those who are in an employment relationship with our company) who processes the Personal Data on our company's behalf. "Processing" means any action which is taken, inter the acquisition, recording, storage and use of Personal Data, anywhere in the world, for any single operation or all the operations relevant to the Personal Data, such as (a) the organization, adaptation or modification of Personal Data, (b) the recovery, export and use of Personal Data, (c) the disclosure of Personal Data by transmission, dissemination or other disposal ways, or (d) interconnection, clustering, blocking, deleting or destroying information or data. Fresh Formula S.A., as a global company, aims to contact customers all over the world, and for that reason it may process Customer's Personal Data, as described in paragraph below, all over the world.
Our Privacy Policy complies with the strictest international legal standards, including European data protection legislation, which usually sets some of the highest standards of personal data protection around the world. In case that Processing occurs out the European Economic Area ("EEA"), which includes all the European Union members, as well as Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein, where data protection laws do not provide an equivalent protection level, we will take all the appropriate measures to ensure a similar level of Personal Data protection. More specifically, we will ensure that your Personal Data receivers, in these areas, are in full compliance with this Privacy Policy. The data transfer, if it is required, will only be to people who are involved in the provision of the services and only to the extent it is necessary to provide these services.
In special cases, it may be necessary the completion or modification of these terms on our behalf. Therefore, we encourage you to visit this page on a regular basis. To the extent that these modifications may affect your consent, we will inform you separately.
In the event that the Personal Data are processed by a third party (Performing the Processing) on our behalf, we take all necessary measures to ensure an equivalent level of protection to ourselves.
Providing us with your Personal Data, you consent to the collection, use or any other processing (including disclosure) of your Personal Data for the purposes that are described in this Privacy Policy.


We choose to communicate with you in different ways, such as through our stores, customer loyalty programs, internet, mail, email, phone, fax or SMS to your mobile phone, always according to the way you choose. During the contact, we may exchange personal information. This information may be Personal Data (as it is described in paragraph 24 below) or Non-Personal Identification Data, (such as information collected during your access to our website as described in paragraph below). These terms essentially concern the Processing of Personal Data.

Our ultimate aim is to provide you with all the information you need for the reason we keep your Personal Data and how we then process them.

In Fresh Formula S.A. we have limited the amount and type of information that we collect to the necessary extent to achieve the Objectives and we do not collect any other personal information unless you provide them voluntarily (directly or indirectly).
Although the Personal Data we collect may vary according to the Purpose, we usually collect the following Personal Data:
- your name,
- your address,
- your phone number,
- your birthday,
- your email address,
- your gender,
- the contact language and
- your preferences on our products.

During the data collection process through our website, as happened with many other websites, we collect automatically some non-personal data about the use of the site, which are not personally identifiable information. This information includes the Internet Protocol (IP) address of your computer, the IP address of your Internet service provider, the date and time of your access in our website, the address of the website which linked you with our website, the operating system you use, the sections of the website you visit, the images you see and the content you download from our website.
In this way, your access to our website will be recorded. However, your access will remain anonymous unless you explicitly choose to provide us with personal information. We use this information to find out the preferences and needs of our visitors aimed to improve their browsing experience. 

We collect and process the Personal Data exclusively for the following Objectives:
• To complete transactions and execute sales as well as manage your subscription to the customer loyalty program,
• to promote our products with your consent,
• to understand and analyze the sales as well as your needs and preferences,
• to develop, improve, promote and deliver products and services compatible with your needs,
• to give you the ability to participate in promotions and competitions,
• for product returns,
• to improve our stores and
• to deal with requests or complaints.
We maintain your Personal Data only for as long as it is necessary to be achieved the objectives which are designed especially for the above Purposes in accordance with our guidelines, procedures and principles, and in accordance with applicable Greek and European laws and regulations.
We may forward your Personal Data to other affiliates of Fresh Formula S.A. or third parties. Recipients will process your Personal Data as confidential data in accordance with this Privacy Policy and all applicable data protection laws, only for the above purposes.
Our company will disclose your Personal Data if it is required by law or by judicial, administrative decision, or by other independent administrative authority.
Apart from the above, our company may temporarily collaborate, with other companies or organizations that carefully selected, on specific initiatives which will be shared with you. In this case, we will inform you and if you want, you can provide your Personal Data to these companies. We will not share your personal information without your prior consent.
You will always be given the opportunity to explicitly consent (opt-in) to your Personal Information in order to provide them to a business. If you consent (opt-in), you can visit the websites of these businesses / organizations to learn how they will use your Personal Information. Our company has no responsibility. We always recommend that you check the terms and conditions of their website and privacy policy before sending them.
If you give us your explicit consent to receive the above, you have the possibility to delete your personal account anytime by contacting us as described section below.
Logging in, connecting and order
When you register to our website, or log in, or use the shopping cart function, or attempting to order something, we collect, process and use your personal data in the limits of the data protection laws. Within this context, we may sent you an e mail to the address that you have filled in at your registration to our website and with your consent, which was also initially given to us at registration, proposing  you goods and services, based on the information we have received from your previous visits or attempts to order from our website. 
When you are ready to order something from our e shop, you are asked to fill in a form that contains obligatory and optional information. We collect data from the obligatory fields which is necessary for the completion and delivery of the order, which must necessarily include  your name, the delivery and orders of pricing and also the paying method that you have chosen.
Processing Shopping Cart Data, Special Promotional Actions and other information.
We collect the data from the shopping cart function even if you have just attempted to order something for promotional reasons and notification reminders to your email address. You can deactivate that function at any time. 
We can also use your data in order to send you information about promotional activities and other offers of our site. You can oppose this email feature at any time. 
We want you to enjoy reading our e mails and in order to continually improve their content, we count and store the percentage of the opening e mails and clicks ie if you open our e mails, what content of the e mails you are opening as well as the number of e mails that are not delivered. We may also use these data for statistical purposes.
Some informative announcements that are necessary for the completion of our contractual agreement and are relevant to services (verification of registration, information of customers support) or to services that are subject to charges (verification of the order, process of payment) cannot be deactivated. These notifications will be send to the email address that you have provided us.
Deletion: At any time, you may withdraw your consent to the collection and use (or any other processing) of your Personal Information, written (by email or mail or SMS, etc.) as it is noticed in the messages we send you or in any other contact way (eg. through our customer loyalty program), or in the same way that you have previously given your consent.
We collect, process and store personal data and technical information that we get from your visit to our website, or from any other contact we have either by phone call or e mail or communication form. We use these data a) only within the limits and purposes of our contractual agreement b) to prevent or persecute any misuse or unlawful behavior in our website c) if we are obliged by a state authority for example by an official directive or a court decision and d) to secure our rights, demands or for litigation purposes. 


During the transfer of personal data, we always try to ensure maximum security. Therefore, your data are transferred only to companies that have been carefully chosen and are GDPR compliant due to written agreements. In addition, your personal data are transferred only to companies that are in the EΕΑ territory where the strict laws for data protection apply or to companies outside EΕΑ which have all the necessary certifications and commitments that are compliant with the European Data Protection standards.
Transfer to service providers
For the purpose of keeping our site functional and executing your orders, we cooperate with various companies for example central IT services, website hosting companies, banks, logistics companies, where we transfer the necessary data in order to execute our contracts.
Some of these companies are our external personal data processors and they use the personal data of our clients under our directions. We have agreed with these companies regarding  security measures they take, and we monitoring these measures on a regular base. 
“In order to complete our contractual agreement, we transfer only the necessary personal data to these companies. The transfer is done safely as the Greek and European law state. We have signed agreements for the protection of the personal data with these companies. In relation to the processing of your personal data by third parties the following apply:
To deliver goods to transport or courier companies, as defined by the placement of the order
To pay the goods via payment companies you state at the order form. If you pay with credit card the payment is executed through the payment service company to the bank that you state at the Way of Payment section of our website. If you pay through Paypal this is executed and processed by the Paypal (Europe) etCie S.C.A. 22-24 Boulevard Royal, L -2449 Luxembourg, Commercial Registry nr. R.C.S. Luxemburg B118 349. Electronic bank deposits are executed by the bank you choose. During the process of payment, we do not make any records or store payment information such as your credit card number. You exclusively give this information to our payment associate.

The security of your personal data is a high priority for us. Therefore we protect the data that we store through technical and organizational measures to prevent effectively their loss or misuse by third parties. All our employees are bound by privacy policy agreements. For your protection the personal data are transmitted in an encrypted form. For example, we use TLS = Transport Layer Security to protect your communication through your browser at the internet. You can recognize this by a padlock that appears by your browser at a TLS connection. To secure a long-term protection of your data, the security measures are regularly monitored and if necessary are adapted to the most updated technological templates. 

Your personal data is retained only for the time required to fulfill the purpose for which we have collected it as described above. Once you choose to remove your account on this website your data will be deleted within a reasonable time and in any case within three (3) months upon your request. Your bank details that may be requested are managed by the banking service provider and are held by us only for as long as is necessary for the relationship or transaction. The data collected through the use of cookies is kept for 12 months from the moment you give your consent when you enter our cookie site.

The safety of your personal data is a priority for us and for this purpose we use the most advanced technological security measures and procedures so that you can fully exercise your legal rights. In  the context of your ongoing and immediate service on our behalf, we ensure that you can be informed about your personal data that we store and ask for their deletion or correction. The fastest and simplest way to do this is to log in your client’s account and immediately process the stored data or erase your account. In the last  case the data are not destroyed but they stay locked for the necessary time due to legal obligations. 
In this case you can ask for the erasure of your personal data. 
In any case you can get the personal data that you have given us in a constructed Open Document Format, if this request does not affect the rights of other individuals. We are committed that you get your data as soon as possible and we apologize if there is a small delay for their collection.

Summarizing the above in order to visit or use the shopping cart application, you must consent to the following either every time you enter or once with your registration: a) to the collection, process, storage and transfer of your personal data to execute the service you wish b) to the process of your preferences and orders so that a consumer’s profile is made c) to receive informative or advertising newsletters via e mail or post d) to the use of cookies as we explained above e) to the transfer of personal data to third parties as explained above.
Your explicit consent can be withdrawn at any time. We ask for your understanding if the application for the withdrawal of your consent may take some time for technical reasons and in the meantime, you still receive notifications from us.
For the withdrawal of your approval a simple notification is enough. To do so you can use the contact information of paragraph 1 without any charge other than the fees of your internet provider. If you receive information from us via email you can easily revoke your consent by clicking the relevant link in the email.

Social Media Buttons
We offer you the social plugins buttons of various social media (e.g. the “Like” Facebook button in our website). The incorporation of these plugins is delivered through of the Clearsprings Technologies Inc 8000 Westpark Drive Suite 625 McLean VA 22102 USA.
For the protection of your privacy we use a technical solution for the incorporation of the plugins that prevents data (e.g. IP address) to get transmitted to addthis or to social networks like Facebook, once you enter our website. It is only when the social plugins get clicked for the first time that they are activated. Your browser then recovers the plugins from the servers of addthis and present them as part of our website. Through this combination information such as IP address is transmitted to addthis in the USA and in social media like Facebook. Furthermore may store cookies or the so called “web beacons” in your p.c.
Only when you double click the social plugins you will be able to fully use the “Invite a friend” button (for example “Like”) If you are a member of a social network and you click the relevant social plugin, your internet provider may be able to connect information about your visit to the website with the data of your social media profile. Therefore, we ask you to contact the social networks that you use for information relevant to these functions. You can find detailed information about addthis .com in the privacy policy section of by visiting
You need to get informed about your personal adjustment selection of your browser that relate with the way you can manage the cookies and the web beacons. You can get this information from the manufacturer of your browser. In addition, third party providers offer the so-called browser and plugins extensions with which you can adjust the way your browser manages cookies and personal information. 
By opting to the abovementioned social media buttons, you give your consent for all the above. 


This website may contain links to other companies’ websites. We are not responsible for the data protection measures of the external webpages that you may access through these links. Please search information regarding the safety of your personal data to these external websites. 

We make every effort to keep your Personal Data accurate, complete and up-to-date.
It is your responsibility to notify us of any changes in your Personal Information and to ensure that this information is accurate and up-to-date.


In accordance with applicable legislation, you have the right to access, correct, withdraw or refuse the processing of your Personal Data that we preserve and the right to be informed about their use and the disclosure.
The responses to the above requests will be sent by our company without charge to the applicants. However, subject to the legislation in force, it may be necessary to pay a certain amount of money for the costs of processing and sending the written reply, provided that the applicant is informed in advance of the comparable amount, which does not exceed the maximum of the law provided.
We shall promptly make all necessary modifications to the Personal Data contained in our database or elsewhere, as long as the applicant fully proves that such Personal Data is inaccurate or incomplete. Modification may include the correction, deletion or addition of information and the transmission to a third party to whom the information has been disclosed. However, we may not be able to modify information related to previous purchases or returns of products.

We wish to always present to our customers attractive offers of goods and we therefore always adjust the range of our products to their wishes. To do so we may find it necessary to renew of modify this information document. We suggest that you regularly stay informed for any alterations of this page.
If our modifications effect the terms of the consent that you have provided us, we will inform you specifically. 

Our company takes all reasonable technical and organizational measures to protect your Personal Data against loss or theft, unauthorized access or processing, disclosure, copying or their usage regardless of the data storage format.

Our website may contain links to other relevant websites belonging to third parties. If you click on these links, you obtain access to another web site. We do not take any responsibility and we are not liable for the websites and their content or for the collection, usage and disclosure (processing) of your Personal Data.
We suggest you to read carefully the privacy policy of these websites so you can be informed about how your Personal Data will be handled.

Our website is addressed to adults and children with their own parents' consent. We will never knowingly collect or solicit information from individuals under the age of 18 without first obtaining verifiable parental consent. If you are under the age of 18 you should not provide information to us via this website. If we become aware that a person under 18 has provided personally identifiable information to us without verifiable parental consent, we will remove such personally identifiable information from our files.

Our company applies the necessary procedures to receive and answer questions about the terms and conditions related to the processing of Personal Data. Any question or complaint should be written and addressed to us.
Our company considers all the complaints. Your requests are forwarded to our responsible employee. If the complaint is well founded, our company will take all the appropriate measures to resolve the issue, including the amendment of the Terms of Privacy when needed.