Product Development


Fresh Line products are divided in 2 main categories, each one with a separate development philosophy.

Prepacked Remedies
Intensive treatments for the face, hair and body based on the principals of ancient Greek herbal therapy, aromatherapy & hydrotherapy. Each recipe is developed with carefully selected ingredients to cover the daily beauty routine, including specialized concerns like anti-aging, blemishes, dryness, oiliness, sensitivities, hairloss, etc.

Starting from the product base: In all skincare & hair care collections, we replace water with herbal tea from 8 organic herbs that grow in the island of Crete, thus promoting the product base into an active ingredient with toning, antioxidant and hydrating qualities.

This base is enriched with a variety of active ingredients such as precious essential oils, healing herbal extracts, certified organic plant oils, natural butters and vitamins that offer numerous properties simultaneously and treat hair, body and skin holistically. The effectiveness of the formulas is optimized with various natural ingredients that have clinically-proven results, either in-vivo or in-vitro, in targeted areas such as hair loss, premature skin aging, antioxidant protection, hair conditioning & repairing.




Fresh Bar
The Fresh Bar refers to products based on fresh ingredients from the kitchen and the garden, such as vegetables, fruits, milk and honey. These products are sold by weight at any desired quantity. In the Fresh Bar, one can find certified facial masks with a short expiry date that are preserved in coolers, aromatic shower gels & body milks, delicious body butters and imaginative soaps that are served fresh in-store. The Fresh Bar is Fresh Line’s pioneer concept to meet the contemporary needs of today’s consumers that look for flexibility, value for money and natural recipes, all in the same time.