Ordering Process

We aduse you to register as a user of our site before submitting your first order, so that  your service is easier and more intact.

To complete your order, follow the steps below:
Product Selection. Select the products you would like to order and place them in the "Shopping Cart”. You can check your “Shopping Cart” at any time before submitting your order. In the “Shopping Cart” you can see the selected products of your order. Here you can delete some of the products or even correct the quantity to those you will eventually order. Then, you can continue to complete your purchase or go back to the online store to browse other webpages and products. In case that you have a discount, coupon offered by us, you enter the code and the discount will be calculated.

Filling in User Details. Once you select the products you would like to order, you select "Next step". In the appeared tab, you are asked to choose the way you want to use the online store.
You can choose to:
(a) complete your purchase as a guest by filling in your email
(b) use a social media account (TBC)
(c) create an account
(d) sign in your account
To complete your purchase, you will be asked to fill in your personal information, which is necessary so we can send you the ordered products. The shipping data can be saved so you do not have to fill in them again the next time you want to order a product from our online store.

Since you have completed your personal information, select “Next”. On the tab that appears, you are asked to indicate the billing and delivery address of the products. If you are already a registered user, the address that you have indicated during your registration, which you can modify if you wish, appears automatically.
Then choose a shipping method of your order and fill in the comments you may have about your delivery process. Make sure you have read carefully the section Terms of Shipping.

Order Payment
Since you have decided the shipping method, select “Next”. On the tab that appears, you have to choose the payment method and fill in the necessary fields to complete the process. Please read the Payment Terms section that describes in detail the payment methods.

Order Overview and Submission
At the last stage you can review your order with the ability to modify it if you wish. During this step, you are informed of the total cost of your order, which includes the purchase cost of the products and the shipping and payment costs of the order. Before you submit your order, you will be asked to explicitly consent to the Terms and Conditions.

Confirmation of Order Request
After sending your order request, we will send you an automated email with your order details to the email address you have indicated to us.
This automated email message is only a confirmation that the request of your order has been received with the content listed and not an aprroval of the order or conclusion of terms of sale on behalf of our company.

Confirm Order Acceptance
Since our company has confirmed the availability of the product and the accuracy of the order, we will send you a new email confirming the acceptance of the order.

In the sending e-mail there is a "tracking reference" link that you can use it to track your order on the ACS courier website.
If you have completed your order as a guest, and you do not have any account, you can track your order when you receive your confirmation email.
When you place an order, you receive two emails. The first one is the confirmation of your order request and the second one is the shipment confirmation. In the second email, there is a link you need to track your order on the ACS courier site.

If your order has been received and provided that it is not in shipping process, you can contact us and change the address. In this case, it is preferable to call us at 210-6022242 instead of sending us an e-mail.
Note: On our website, it is possible to have a different billing address from the shipping address if you want the order to be sent to a different destination.

It is not possible to receive your online order from a store.


Unfortunately, we do not have the option to ship your order to different addresses.
However, if you want to do that, the best choice is to divide your order in as many as the destinations you want to receive the orders.

If you want to be informed about your order details and the products you have selected, you can visit your 'Account'. Click on 'Account' to sign in to your account page.
Then click on the order number. If you want to track your order, you can visit the ACS courier company page and with the tracking reference to see its stage.

Changes to your order can be made by you at any point of the process as long as if you are during the ordering process.
After submission and payment of the order, no changes can be made.
In any case, if you want to cancel or modify your order, after its submission and before the delivery of the products, you can contact us by phone (+30 210 6022242) or by e-mail ([email protected]).


The price of the products and the shipping costs are in Euro and include the legal VAT.

You have the right to cancel your order at any time before shipment from our storehouse, without any charge. In this case, please let us know it on time by phone (+30 210 6022242) or by e-mail ([email protected]).